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Free Public Health Courses Online |

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has launched a project known as OpenCourseWare, which provides free online access to some of the school's most popular courses. Courses are not offered for credit and do not count toward a degree or certificate. Five courses are currently available, including "Problem Solving for Immunization Programs," and "History of Public Health."


EIS is the country's critical epidemiology training service, combating the causes of major epidemics. Over the past 50 years, EIS officers have played pivotal roles in combating the root causes of major epidemics. Scope: Varies

Agents, Diseases, & Other Threats |

Agents, Diseases, & Other Threats. Scope: Varies

Executive Summary |

This course (Executive Summary) is designed to provide an overview on epidemiology and the Internet for medical and health related students around the world. The concept of the course is described in the British Medical Journal as the Global Health Network University. Lecture style is described in the Nature Medicine as Hypertext Comic Books. It has 1903 lectures already. Scope: Varies

The Division of Public Health Surveillance and Informatics |

The Division of Public Health Surveillance and Informatics purpose is to provide and to improve access to and use of public health information. Scope: Varies