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Public Data | Children

The Urban Institute |

202-833-7200 (Data on children, crime, elderly, housing, immigration, labor, economy-National) Scope: National

Annie E. Casey Foundation |

Annie E. Casey Foundation 410-847-6600 (Reports, raw data, maps on education, family, mental health, communities, juvenile detention, reforms-State, local) Scope: State | County

California Department of Education |

916-657-2451 (Downloadable data files and interactive reports containing school enrollment data, school staff data, school facilities data, school fiscal data, blind, deaf, CYA-State, county, school district, SELPA (special education only), school) Scope: State | County | School District & School

California Department of Social Services |

916-657-3667 (Data on programs such as: CalWORKs, foster care, child welfare services, adoptions, community care licensing, disability and adult programs, adult protective services, in-home supportive services, food stamps and fraud-State, county) Scope: State | County

California Legislative Analyst’s Office |

916-445-4656 (Reports on budget, crime, environment, children, traffic, education-State, regional) Scope: State | County

Population Reference Bureau |

800-877-9881 (Population, elderly, children, immigration, income, poverty, employment, projections-National) Scope: National

Population Resource Center (PRC) |

609-452-2822 (Population, elderly, demographic trends, environment, children, immigration, projections-National) Scope: National

U.S. Department of Education |

800-872-5327 (Education statistics and information, department services and programs for all levels of education-National) Scope: National

California Department of Mental Health Division of Administration —Statistics and Data Analysis Section |

916-653-6257 (Summary client, demographic, service, and fiscal data on persons served in county mental health programs, state hospitals, and the conditional release program-State and county) Scope: State | County